11 Oct 2021

Active8 is OPEN!!!

We are excited to be open!! It has been a long few months but we are so happy to be getting back to being fully operational over the next few months.

This is what is happening so far -

Initially the gym will look very much like it did in the weeks before we closed. With a 1 to 4sqm rule, capped group fitness classes and masks required to be worn. We are waiting on specifics of the mask wearing requirement for people exercising. Reading between the lines, these restrictions will be eased off gradually over the remainder of October and November and hopefully by the start of December, we will have a fully functional gym.

The big change will be the check-in process. All members will be required to QR code in at every visit and we will need to confirm all visitors vaccination status. We will confirm this process ahead of re-opening. These are requirements by the Public Health Order. It will take some adjustments for staff and members alike, so please be patient. 
We hope you are looking forward to getting back to Active8 and getting back into your routines and focusing on looking after yourselves. We look forward to seeing you!
We will continue to update as restrictions and guidelines are announced.
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