18 May 2021

Mind and Body Timetable

Are you searching for a class which looks after the whole you? Our Mind and Body classes are designed to give you a workout and a sense of total well-being.

 Mind and Body exercises can help reduce your stress levels and improve posture, balance and flexibility. De-stressing through exercise is nothing new.

More and more people are benefiting from workouts which don't just exercise the body but the mind as well. At the core of Pilates and CORE classs, you'll use small, controlled movements to help you build a strong back and torso and better balance.  The postures and breathing techniques you'll learn in Yoga can help to detox your body and improve circulation. 
If all of these sound appealing then Body Balance is for you. It combines Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to build flexibility and strength and leave you feeling calm and centered.
Put your body and soul into exercise. Choose from a whole host of Mind and Body classes at Active8 Richmond.
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