Group Fitness Instructor

Reports To: Fitness Centre Manager, Fitness Centre Supervisor, Group Fitness Manager   


  • To provide safe, effective group fitness instruction in an enthusiastic, professional environment.
  • To assist the Fitness Centre Manager in taking active steps to maximise occupancy and increase revenue through repeat business, promotion or other means which is supported by the reputation that guests are at all times met with the highest standards of customer service in an environment that is clean, presentable and safe, whilst ensuring compliance with legislation, policy and budgetary restraints.


  1. Teaching
    • Demonstrate and teach correct technique and execution.
    • Pre-screen attendees for contraindicative conditions and injuries, as well as skill and fitness levels.
    • Provide options for class attendees to ensure their workout is suitable for their condition.
    • Follow pre-choreographed class formats to ensure consistent, safe delivery of classes.
    • Be punctual in class attendance.
    • Attempt to cover classes that you cannot teach and notify the Group Fitness Manger or Supervisor if classes cannot be covered.
    • Participate in team teaching and launches where appropriate.
  2. Customer Service
  • When time permits, communicate with members prior to and after classes.
  • Engage in promotion of Active8 activities and services, group fitness of otherwise.
  • Forward any feedback or queries onto the supervisor or group fitness manager were appropriate.
  1. Training
  • Partake in instructor evaluation and feedback.
  • Attempt to partake in quarterly workshops where appropriate.
  • Attend in-house instructor training and workshops, including video recording and critiquing.
  • Maintain accreditation via the accumulation of specified continuing education credit points.
  1. Compliance
    • To recognise and take prompt corrective action whenever supervision or customer service systems deviate from normal conditions.
    • Maintain confidentiality of the Club’s business affairs at all times.
    • Ensure a high standard of personal presentation at all times.
    • Comply with the relevant components of the Club’s Employee Policy & Procedures manual.
  2. Occupational Health & Safety
    • Ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the policies and procedures as outlined in the OHS & R Reference Manual.
    • Observe and understand the Centre’s MSDS program, outlining the registering of on-site chemicals and their appropriate usage, handling and emergency procedures.
    • Ensure the security of guests, guests property and employees by following the various provisions of the Club/Centre procedure i.e. key control, incident reporting, lost property procedures.
    • Follow safe operating procedures.
    • Execute all workplace practices and tasks in a manner that is safe so as not to endanger yourself or those around you.
    • Consistently demonstrate professionalism, integrity, commitment, fairness and co-operation in all aspects of the supervisors’ responsibilities.
    • Report any possible safety, procedural or maintenance breaches to the supervisor.
  3. Qualifications
    • Minimal requirement of current Level 3 Fitness Instruction, or equivalent/higher qualification, as approved by the Australian Fitness Accreditation Council.
    • Senior first aid accreditation.
    • Relevant program qualifications for the classes being instructed.


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