18 Sep 2017

Active8 has a team for the Tough Mudder

Join the Active8 team heading for the Full and Half Tough Mudder on Sunday 19th November.

 Active8 has registered a team for the Full and Half Tough Mudder held at Glenworth Valley on Sunday 19th November 2017. Any member of Active8 is invited to join our team!!

Tough Mudder Half is a 9km run with 13+ obstacles

Tough Mudder Full is a 16km run with 20+ obstacles

To register go to - www.toughmudder.com.au and click 'sign up now'. Register, then hit 'join a team'. Team name is - ACTIVE8  Password is - Active8 Start time is - Mid morning

For more information, see the Active8 reception staff :)

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