Seniors Program

With state of the art, easy to use equipment & in conjunction with our seniors program, Active8 is a place for you.

Please feel free to call our staff if you have any inquiries or drop in & we will be more than
happy to show you around. Ph: 4578 3332

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What is Heartmoves?

The Heart Foundation Heartmoves is a gentle physical activity program suitable for anyone who hasn't done any exercise in a while. You can exercise at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere. Heartmoves is run by our accredited exercise professionals specifically trained in managing safe, low to moderate intensity physical activity programs.

Heartmoves sessions include:

  • warm up, cool down and stretching
  • aerobic and resistance training
  • balance, coordination and flexibility

Heartmoves leaders or Active8 staff will help you complete a pre-exercise screening form and you may need to consult your GP before starting a Heartmoves program.

Heartmoves can help:                                                                           

  • lower blood pressure
  • improve cholesterol control
  • manage weight
  • improve well being and quality of life
  • manage diabetes
  • improve balance and flexibility
  • improve sleep
  • improve bone mineral density with arthritis management
  • prevent falls and injuries from falls

Heartmoves is for everyone

Heartmoves is open to everyone and is designed to be safe for people with stable long term health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or obesity.

Join our Heartmoves classes to:

  • increase physical activity                                                           
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • continue your exercise after rehabilitation
  • have fun & meet people

Heartmoves classes are:

Mondays            8.30am
Tuesdays                8.30am
Wednesdays      8.15am 
Thursdays              8.30am
Fridays              8.30am 
Classes are $5.00 per person
    Strength training for Over 50's
Seniors strength training circuit is specifically for people over 50yrs.
Fridays     11.30am                       
Class is $5.00 per person




Seniors Tai Chi

Tai Chi is more effective than just walking & running to improve strength, balance, coordination, arthritis, energy levels, osteoporosis, stability & blood pressure.
Tai Chi is also a mental exercise to help memory, mood, anxiety & depression.
Tuesdays at 12.30pm with Kiaran Warner
Class is $5.00 per person



 NEW - Zumba Gold for Seniors

  Tuesdays at 11.30am  

  Thursday at 11.30am

Class is $5.00 per person